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Data Extraction

We create solutions that enable companies to grow based on intelligent, automated data acquisition processes.

Web scraping

Data is acquired from designated sources in large quantities, within exceptionally short timeframes.

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Information monitoring

Product prices, inventory levels, tickets, accommodation and other information is monitored.

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Recurring operations

We design solutions to succesfully execute and automate repetitive processes, again and again.

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B2B leads and data enrichment

If you need email addresses or phone numbers for companies in a specific industry, we can help. We have access to B2B databases that cover millions of companies all over the world. We can enrich your leads database with contact information.

  • Data enrichment
  • Data augmentation
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Social media profiles
  • Industry specific
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Information monitoring

Track prices and availability of your products on all major e-commerce platforms. Collect customer reviews and analyse the sentiment. Gather information about delivery methods. All of this at predefined time intervals, allowing for real-time market analysis and informed decision-making.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence.

We actively leverage the latest advancements in technology and utilize ChatGPT and other LLM (Large Language Models) in our daily work.

Take advantage of AI in data extraction, document classification, content analysis, sentiment analysis, programmatic SEO strategies, report generation, analytics generation, and many other business activities.

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Case Studies

Address databases and data enrichment
Data repository

Within two days, we created a list of over 45,000 exhibitors and enriched it with missing contact information.

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Product price monitoring
Scent of Success

For a client in the Health & Beauty industry, we created a solution to monitor the prices of their products in online stores.

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Ad Monitoring Platform
Apartment Hunting

A leading real estate agency approached us to create a dedicated platform for monitoring property listings.

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We build genuine relationships based on collaboration and trust.

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Always on time, always exceeding expectations.

We have been collaborating with DataMiners for almost two years, and thanks to their services, our marketing department has experienced a breath of fresh air. We have gained new momentum and achieved a significant 40% growth compared to the previous year. Our relationship with DataMiners has become an integral part of our operations.

Anita Kamińska
Chief Marketing Manager
testimonial author
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Embarrassed by the First Version.

Energistically streamline robust architectures whereas distributed mindshare. Intrinsicly leverage other's backend growth strategies through 24/365 products. Conveniently pursue revolutionary communities for compelling process improvements.

Rupan Oberoi
Web Designer
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Amazing Quiety template!

Appropriately negotiate interactive niches rather orchestrate scalable benefits whereas flexible systems. Objectively grow quality outsourcing without vertical methods of empowerment. Assertively negotiate just in time innovation after client-centered thinking.

Jon Doe
Software Engineer
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Best Template for SAAS Company!

Competently repurpose cost effective strategic theme areas and customer directed meta-services. Objectively orchestrate orthogonal initiatives after enterprise-wide bandwidth. Dynamically generate extensive through cooperative channels time partnerships.

Hanry Luice
App Developer
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It is Undeniably Good!

Appropriately disintermediate one-to-one vortals through cross functional infomediaries. Collaboratively pursue multidisciplinary systems through stand-alone architectures. Progressively transition covalent architectures whereas vertical applications procrastinate professional.

Ami Nijai
Customer Support

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