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Please let us know the source and scope of the data, which you want to acquire, and we will do the rest. We will quickly and efficiently provide you with the data in a form that is right for you.

Save your company's time and resources by delegating all data extraction tasks to us. We will be your dedicated department for special web scraping and information monitoring tasks.

We are experts in data extraction.

Many years of cooperation with corporate clients with high requirements confirms our professional approach to the implemented projects.

Speed of operation

Proprietary solutions for scaling data extraction operations allow us to deliver results very quickly.

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For years, we have been focusing on web scraping issues to make our solutions work.

Out-of-the-box solutions

What is impossible for others is not a problem for us. We will find a solution that works.

Always great results.

With our advanced technology, experience and personalised approach, we are able to ensure the success of your business, regardless of the industry.


This is how many fantastic projects we have completed so far for various clients within our business.

1000 PB

This is how much data we have processed. One petabyte (PB) is as much as one thousand gigabytes (GB), which gives an idea of the scale of operations.


This is how many of our projects we have successfully completed. We always deliver the requested data to our customers.

Outsourcing data extraction and monitoring.

Web scraping (data extraction) is a technique for automating the extraction of data from the internet. It can be particularly useful for e-commerce companies, allowing them to quickly and efficiently obtain valuable information about competitors, products or prices. In this day and age, when access to data is of paramount importance to driving successful online sales, web scraping can prove to be an extremely helpful technique.

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