One hundred million rows?
That's easy.

We Are Experts in Web Scraping.

Smart, intelligent
web scraping.

The total computing power of our servers amounts to 12.5 Thz, with 25 Gb/sec bandwidth.

Building databases
fast (and furiously).

We collect e-mails, phone numbers, address details, social media profiles, etc.
We support Your business

We build solutions which allow companies to develop based on
intelligent, automated data mining processes..

We are creative
We search for unconventional solutions

Regardless of the complexity of your project, we always strive to find the most effective and efficient solution to your problem.

We are efficient
We have lots of experience

In a flash, we will intuitively select the best possible technology to carry out your task.

We are passionate
We love what we do

In reality, we haven’t worked a single day in our lives. All we do is have great fun and get lots of satisfaction.

We are professional
Your time is valuable

We are well aware of how important it is to have your projects completed on time, particularly in corporate environments.

Our skills

Years of experience in the IT industry allows us to build tools based on the most efficient technologies.

We efficiently combine hardware and software. The network infrastructure and the software which it supports is our proprietary design.

Programming languages / PHP / Python / Ruby / JavaScript / C++


Network technologies / infrastructure / administration


Databases / MySQL / PostgreSQL


Mathematics / Logic / Statistics / Econometrics


A team with huge potential

Meet our interdisciplinary team of experienced IT professionals. The force is with us.

Wojtek Żeglin
Co-Founder / Designer & Developer

For over 20 years he has been active in the IT industry, combining design and software development skills.

Piotr Mąka
Co-Founder / Developer

Passionate about programming and new technologies, an expert in data security.

Magda Ornacka
Developer / DevOps

She makes sure our software and our hardware platform work efficiently, she tests and implements new solutions.

Waldemar Ch.
Senior Developer

Experienced programmer who fears no challenge and likes to share his knowledge.

Tomasz Jureczkin
Junior Developer

He deals mostly with front-end related tasks, all he thinks about all day and night is JavaScript.

Daria Ochocka
Project Manager

She makes sure the entire team is well organized and she takes care of the wellbeing of our clients.


projects completed


hours worked


TB of data processed


"Tanks" rounds played

Our offer
Our services

We will carry out any project, regardless of its size.

Data extraction
Web Scraping

We obtain data from websites and internet portals.

Big Data
Data processing

We identify the most important information within complex databases.

Statistical analysis
The source of crucial knowledge

We identify patterns in the obtained data and interpret the results.

Address databases

We gather highly focused address databases of companies and private individuals.

Recurring operations
Planned tasks

We design solutions which allow for conducting recurring events.

Software development
Bots and botnets

We create software which simulates the behaviours of actual network users.

case studies

Read about some of our interesting projects.

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from 490 USD

  • up to 50 k rows
  • exported to *.XLS file


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  • over 1 mln rows
  • exported to *.XLS file
  • *.SQL i *.CSV upon request
  • package of additional benefits *


from 1,990 USD

  • from 50 k to 1 mln rows
  • exported to *.XLS file
  • *.SQL i *.CSV upon request
  • package of additional benefits *

* package includes free support, live meeting or a conference call, printed reports, advanced data analysis.

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